Fabiolous Cooking Day

At Fabiolous Cooking Day we love where we are, who we are, and what we do. We bring that passion to our clients through our cooking classes, food tours, and private dining events offered in seven unique locations in and near Rome.

Passion is why Chef Fabio Bongianni created memorable hands-on culinary experiences that give students an authentic taste of Italy. 

Fabiolous Cooking Day participants enjoy Italian cuisine like true Romans: shopping in colorful markets, tasting typical street foods, and making pasta and other dishes using traditional recipes. Students cook and dine in one of our exclusive private apartments or visit the nearby medieval village of Mazzano Romano for a unique culinary adventure.

And when our clients want more than a restaurant, they can indulge their taste buds in one of our elite private venues in Rome’s historic center. Our beautiful spaces offer a unique option for private small or large groups requiring an exclusive, chef-driven experience.

Our Fabiolous Food Tour is the only Rome food tour led by a real chef. Not just another food enthusiast, our chefs share insider tips on Italian cuisine and introduce local food specialties, immersing visitors in Rome’s rich culinary traditions. In between each delicious tasting, participants get a glimpse into the history, culture, and architecture that define the Eternal City. The tour finishes with wine and fresh pasta prepared by the chef in one of our spectacular locations. 

Reservations required. For more information and to book, please visit FabiolousCookingDay.com

We offer:

Fabiolous Cooking Day in Rome

Fabiolous Cooking Day in Mazzano Romano

Pizza-making Course

Fabiolous Food Tour

Private Dining in Rome

Dining at a Medieval Retreat