The other Tripadvisor favorite for learning how to cook Italian food in Rome is theFabiolous Cooking Day, run by successful local chef and restaurateur Fabio Bongianni. Where this tour is different is that it starts off with a walking tour through a local neighbourhood, shopping for ingredients and learning a little bit about the Roman way of life.

Guests staying in Rome can choose to do their course in any of four locations – Fabio’s home near the Spanish Steps, in his ‘country home’ in Mazzano which is a half hour from the city, a castle an hour from the city or in Fabio’s restaurant That’s Amore. Where the tour has fallen down recently is in the fact that the cookery school has become a lot more popular and Fabio has hired more chefs.

This means that guests are no longer guaranteed to be taught by Fabio himself and it seems that more often than not, they aren’t. The locations are great though and the addition of a market trip is a fantastic way to learn about seasonal produce and the importance of quality ingredients.

For more information see the official website here.