Cookin’ With Farmer Bob:
A Day in Italy with Chef Fabio

We spent four days in Rome, one of them at a cooking school 30 minutes outside of the city in the small, medieval village of Mazzano Romano. Fabio Bongianni, a 49-year-old chef and restaurant owner, picked us up at our hotel. We were joined by three Aussies: Keith, Mike and Diane. The trio was touring Italy with the Cricketeers’ Club of New South Wales, and met Chef Fabio the night before at his restaurant near the Trevi Fountain. With a free day on their schedule, they signed up for the class.

Our merry band of foodies shopped with Chef Fabio for provisions at local farms and little shops along the way, took a tour of Fabio’s fabulous country house, and then headed for the kitchen. Here’s the menu for the day, which includes all the recipes, as recorded by Bob. The lunch was quite a filling feast! I also took photos during the class.

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